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A Few Great And Beneficial Tips To Find, Make, and Maintain Friends Right Now December 8, 2011

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During my junior year in secondary school, I only had a few acquintances. I played atari very nearly each day after school and didn’t participate in any sports. I infrequently left the love seat except to open a brand new bag of Cheetos. I moaned frequently of wanting to discover friends, but never in reality attempted to depart my house and make actual friends.

I was still forlorn. I thought that because I was a nice guy I could make friends easily. I watched various women and guys who were popular and they didn’t seem to work much to obtain friends. I mainly sulked at my house and whined about how unhappy I was.

Of course, this belief is fictitious. For many people finding friends is basic. They be themselves and friendships occur. However for a large number of people, friendship are able to be burdensome labor. I know one thing definitely and that is finding friends has nothing to do with luck. Even those who acquire friends without difficulty have skills even if they aren’t aware of them. If you prefer to learn methods to make friends, keep reading this article.

If you need to locate friends exit your house and hang out with other individuals. Attempt to locate a place to do it where you are able to feel comfortable. If you like football join the team. If you play an instrument, join a band. I understand it appears easy, but it really is basic. If you are around individuals you share commonplace interests with, you will make friends.

Most individuals are not extroverted enough to approach people at random and attempt to befriend them. This means you have to depart your home and in reality talk to brand new people. It may be difficult but it’s important to do it. You merely do things that demonstrate your worth. Be comical or show your intelligence. But don’t become arrogant. Talk to them throughout the whole evening and attempt to find common interests you are able to talk about with them.

If you encounter a brand new friend you’ll need to get their phone number or different contact info. It is no fun to locate friends only to lose them instantly. The good news is that social connecting makes getting their contact info really easy. You are able to talk of Facebook and tell them you should be friends there. Most people will add you if you made a good impression. Even if they decline you, don’t worry. It might not have been a problem with you personally.

After you’ve added your new friend to your Facebook contact list, then you can send them a message at intervals or a text message by phone and maybe even invite them to an event you both would fancy. Don’t be too forward or stalk them. You absolutely don’t want to frighten away individuals who may want to become your friends.

I feel confident you found these techniques useful. Now you need to get off the world wide web and start to apply my valuable advice. It might seem burdensome at the start, but the rewards of having friends are more than worth the effort you exert.

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Researching the Interesting And Exciting Theme About the Family: Details and Facts November 13, 2011

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Discovering the definition of the family may appear pretty easy but upon closer analysis, it is not in reality accurate. I might claim family is my mom and dad and my brother. And, that would certainly be my encounter. Yet I understand millions of other individuals would choose that description also. Yet throughout history and in different parts of the world, and even the united states of america the view about family would be awfully peculiar.

We can check out the Bible and William Shakespeare. What was the family like in the former times? What about in the era of William Shakespeare or when we were gorillas? Even today, family differs significantly depending on where you live. Travel to Asia and the family will appear very different than if you journeyed to Britain or Africa instead. There is variety and agreement in the household wherever you may go.

The basic family unit is ttitled the nuclear family. This is the biological mom father and kids. Some people involve blended families in this definition, as long as they are stable. Every family commences with the nuclear family since it is the way nature creates more human beings.

While every civilization contains nuclear families (and must possess them), it is the main type through the United States and parts of Europe. It is promoted defended and at times even subsidized by way of government benefits and tax breaks.

Although the nuclear family is the anchor for different types of families, the most commonplace family throughout history is the extended family. It made sense due to the poverty of most people. They had to combine their resources to survive. The olden peoples gathered multiple individuals under 1 roof, but they shared the advice of multiple generations also. The grandpa would lead the family, while the grandmother may mentor the young mom.

This type of family is found throughout most of the world today, especially in third world countries like Zambia and Nigeria where poverty is a big issue.

Blended families occur when two spouses marry and one or more of them rears kids. Today, due to the high rate of divorce and remarriage and the rise of single motherhood, blended families are much more common. though it’s burdensome to dig up exact numbers, it is safe to declare a significant minority of families include step-children and step-parents.

Today in the u.s.a. a family looks different than ever before. There are families with 2 homosexual individuals and single parent families (headed by a dad or a mom ), and other previously atypical or unheard of situations. There is great discussion among experts over the merits of these brand new arrangements. Some philosophers have no issue with non-traditional families, while others worry about the impact they might have on the kids. There is no long term info currently available to settle the debate which is why traditionalists do not want to adapt the meaning of family.

I feel confident you found this article about the family valuable. Whatever your family make-up what matters most is that your family is a source of love and stability not only occasionally but continually.

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Email Junkie, part 2 September 24, 2007

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So I was thinking about yesterday’s blog, which can be read below, and I couldn’t help but waxing philosophical about it a little.

Why is it that I like email?  I think all of us like a little email now and then- some of us, like it more than others!

Email is both a blessing and a curse.  This whole Internet thing is both a blessing and a curse if you ask me.  In some ways it seems that we are being connected to each other more than ever, while in other ways, it seems that we are more distant now than we ever have been.

I believe I will call this the Internet paradox.  Mostly, because I like the word paradox.  It is almost as good of a word as matrix.  I should come up with something called the “Internet Paradox Matrix.”  Throw in the words “flux capacitor” and you are cooking with gas!

The internet paradox is that while we are more connected, the less we understand how to actually communicate.  For instance, those networking sites like myspace or facebook give you access to millions of people who can become your “friends” at the click of a button or two.  I know people that have hundreds if not thousands of these Internet friends.  They can exchange emails and notes, show pictures, blog etc.  Instantly, millions of people can know all about me- or as much as I want to tell them.

Back in the day- I mean my college days- I used to be on aol a lot to chat.  I had friends on there that I would “see” every day.  We would talk for hours and hours, and most of them I never met.  I knew all about them and the intimate details of their lives, and they knew me.  The few times I did meet up with people in person, or talk to them on the phone, it was usually a different experience.  There is no replacement for real life chemistry.  That is where the paradox comes in.  See, we are not really relating to anything at all but a screen or a text message.  With the internet we are once removed from actual human contact.

I have always said that if you want to get to know a person you have to spend time with them.  There is no substitute for that at all.  The internet- while giving us access to lots of people- has diluted our ability to actually connect.  Friendships become superficial and end the same way they began, with a couple of clicks of the mouse button.

Friendships- heck, any relationship takes time and proximity to actually develop into something meaningful.  Email, myspace, text messages etc etc are great starts, but I get the impression a lot of young folks use that as a substitute for actual nitty gritty one on one communication.

I think the reason behind this is that in order to become intimate- truly intimate- with someone you must first expose the real you.  That is dangerous.  That leaves us open for heart break and hurt.  But it also opens us up to the wonderful potential that a deep and profound relationship can bring with it.  Intimacy is ALWAYS a risk.  But intimacy is ALWAYS worth the risk.

My favorite book is written by C.S. Lewis called the Four Loves.  I would highly recommend it if you are a human being.  He says in the section on romantic love that we have two choices- put out hearts at risk of being broken, or wrap it up in all sorts of distractions- burying it in the ground so that it turns hard and unbreakable- and also irredeemable.  Maybe this emailing and technology is a way of seeming to open ourselves up to intimate relationships when really it is another way to not risk our hearts from being broken.

I personally think it is worth the risk…

Email junkie… September 23, 2007

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Hello, my name is Joshua Wagner, and I am an email junkie.

I love email– I love it better than real mail sometimes because you don’t have to go through all the work of writing the letter then printing it out, getting an envelope, then a stamp… blah blah blaaaaah.  Oh no… more than anything else in this life email is INSTANT gratification.  I love sitting down and zipping out a few emails to friends every so often- they are great venues for creativity on my part.  I love sitting there at the end of an email about Ferris Bueller and his connection to Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell, and laughing at whatever I wrote.  I write them as much for my entertainment as the person I am writing it to. 

What’s better than writing emails is receiving emails.  Oh man… that is heaven.  A couple of years ago I bought one of the first hybrid phone/PDA’s so that I could keep up somehow with my email on the go.  The thing was the size of a brick (literally it was a phone and a computer tied to either side of a brick), and it only had speaker phone!  And not a very good one by the way.  I used to wear it on the right side of my belt, and now I walk with a permanent tilt to my right side.  My life is now officially slanty. 

My first PDA/phone and the Empire State Building- (Actual Scale)

It connected to the internet about as fast as I walk.  In fact, it would have been faster to send a carrier pigeon to whomever I was trying to get a message to. It may have even been faster for me to walk and see the person I was emailing!

By the way, if you think getting an email is a rush for me, I melt whenever I get a carrier pigeon.  MELT.  You should try it sometime… those medieval guys had something there.

Still I had the ability to check my email on the go- even if it took me 45 minutes to read and reply to one message.  Talk about efficiency!  Plus I am sure it was comical to watch me try to have a phone conversation by yelling into a giant brick.

Now I have upgraded to one of those fancy Palm Pilot Treo’s.  I am in heaven.  It shakes and makes noise whenever it gets an email– incidentally, I shake and make noise any time I get an email too.  It is like we were made for each other.  Now I am totally and completely in touch with my email all the time.  I am trying to find someone who will surgically implant the treo into my left arm.  Apparently they only do those types of operations outside the US.  Stupid FDA.  Something about being unsafe or something.

Literally I check the email about 100 times an hour.  A lot of the time- nothing.  It is sort of like perpetually the day before Christmas for me.  What I mean by that is I remember as a kid the day before Christmas being filled with the anxious hope of whatever I was going to get the next day.  That hope is a double edged sword: you knew you were going to get something sometime and somewhere, but you wanted it now and the anticipation was killer.  Sometimes… when things get real thin- I email myself.  (Hangs head in shame)

When my phone shakes and makes noise that an email has finally come there is a little shot of dopamine that goes off in my brain.  I see white lights and hear music.  The subject line is the little teaser- telling me what goodies I might find inside.  (Incidentally, if it is a bad subject line I usually don’t open it for a few minutes.  I still get the rush of dopamine though.)

I am even excited to get emails from the deposed prince of Abu-Dabi.  I gave him my bank account number and am still waiting to get my share of his $80 Million dollar estate.  Incidentally, I now need someone to cosign on my next car.  Until I get my $8 million.

Perhaps it is a little compulsive (which is so out of character for me) but I do enjoy a good email every so often that makes me laugh or think.  I do hate forwards though.  Usually if I see a FW: in front of an email the DEL key is quick to follow.

Now that the internet knows this… send me an email– or better yet a carrier pigeon.

This isn’t me by the way… I am usually curled up on the floor around my computer.  Nobody wants to see those pictures, so I pilfered this one off the ‘net.
It has to be fake by the way: Notice the conscpicuous lack of drool.