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How Discovering Famous Sayings On Life Changed One Man’s Entire Life Totally January 10, 2012

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It was many years in the past when I was extremely depressed about life. I didn’t possess any good things to talk about. I was alone and I didn’t have a decent occupation. I was overweight and didn’t wear refined clothing. I merely stopped caring about life. I was very unfortunate and livid about my new situation. I seriously asked when I could fancy life again. I sincerely expected to be unfortunate for the remainder of my life.

Nonetheless my life altered radically when I turned thirty-three years old. I was searching in my grandma’s basement looking for a Holiday decoration. As I searched in her junk I found an old tome termed Famous Quotes About Life. I threw it to the floor with the rest of the rubbish. However there was something distinguished about this book so I began to read it.

I read throughout the tome that afternoon while sitting in the basement. I felt energy and enthusiasm for the first time in months. I discovered quotations by such famous figures as Abe Lincoln and Plato. I liked quotes by lesser known dudes such as C.S. Lewis and even females as Jane Austen. These famous dudes and females truly understood the joys and sorrows in life. yet they all agreed that a man should never stop loving life. A man can never give up and stop believing that life is worth living.

I sat and stared at that wall of the cellar for about ten moments. Then, I stood up and walked up the stairs to the restroom. I looked in the looking glass and started to cry. I couldn’t believe the guy I had become. I was fat and livid and possessed no occupation. I examined my dirty face and stopped my crying. Then I began laughing. I didn’t want to live as the person I’d known for 33 years. I desired to live as the dudes and women whose famous life quotes inspired me that morning.

I left the house of grandmother and ran to my house. I was sweating and breathing heavy but awfully excited. I took a bath and combed my hair. I quit my lousy career at Walmart. I cleaned my apartment and threw all of the unhealthy food in the bin. At the exact bit I made a vow that I was going to have a brand new life. I wasn’t going to live as a fat livid loser, but as a new person. I was going to be glad. I was going to have joy thanks to those famous quotes about life.

Since that day I have altered my life completely. I now am going to college. I have lost twenty kilos and now have numerous friends. I also possess a girlfriend who loves me quite much. We see each other each day and are engaged to be married. I can’t believe how wonderful my life has become. While I know that it isn’t because I discovered the tome of famous life quotes I conclude that those famous quotes about life inspired me to become a better man.

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My Exciting Excursion To Find A Lost Best Friend October 30, 2011

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You might not conclude it, but I know a lot on the topic about having best friends. It very nearly came accidentally. When I was a child, I had a buddy called Tom. I encountered Tom throughout primary school. We used to be in Mrs. Chaffins’s fourth grade class and played pee wee baseball that autumn. Even throughout middle school and junior high, Tom and I discovered females together.

We hung out each day during high school too. We continued to play sports and occasionally even tried other hobbies! My tenth grade year, we both started jobs at Walmart working in the grocery department. The summer of our junior year we spent 2 weeks in Florida on holiday, hanging out on the coast and meeting new females. I may not have picked the phrase or followed it with cute quotes, but Tom and I were absolutely best friends.

nonetheless after graduation I quit seeing Tom frequently. He began a career at a local manufacturing plant and I attended college. We made a great effort to meet each other, but with me at college and Tom laboring long hours at the factory, we hardly had time. I went from seeing him every day to talking to him about four times each month.

After I graduated college and returned to my hometown, Tom had moved up at the warehouse and was now a boss. He had married a hot female and he and his spouse had two kids. I called Tom nearly every night trying to reconnect with him, but he was too busy with his career and his family. Yet I never saw him.

It was nearly 10 years later when I was having coffee that I received a text on my cell telephone. It was a number I didn’t recall asking me to go to a bar for a bottle of wine. I asked the identity of the person on the other telephone and I found it was Tom

I encountered him at the bar and we drank beer and ate wings. We recalled old memories and shared 10 years worth of recent tales. I he hated his profession and that he had left his wife. I told him of my recent job and my spouse. It is not the stuff of best friend quotes or poems, but we were quickly moving towards becoming best friends again.

Tom and I met for dinner almost every evening. We were seeing each other each weekend throughout the autumn of 2011. Our families were spending time together too. In fact, my kid and his child became best friends also. Just as their fathers, they were in demand with the girls.

I’m overjoyed to declare that Tom and I are best friends once more. We’re not merely reliving old memories, but creating new ties. We share our problems, laugh together, and seek advice for our family issues. Now, we’re best friends again.

I cherish my friendship with Tom and will never give it up again. The major issue is not to let our friendship flee again. it is all too easy to let friendship depart. Don’t let it happen to you or your best friends!

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My Story of Encountering Inspirational, Entertaining, and Joyful Best Friends Forever Quotations October 27, 2011

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As an one-time educator, I met many young females. They really enjoyed their friends. They would frequently talk of how they were best friends forever or bffs with a large group of girls. Granted, they’d adapt this coterie of females each week, depending on the drama. I was surprised to find that females sometimes wear necklaces, bracelets, or various trinkets advertising their bff standing.

I remember a few years ago, when knowing I was a history educator a few of my female students asked if I could find best friends forever quotes they could place on posters they were illustrating. I concede that though I didn’t want them illustrating in my class, I chuckled at their request. But honestly I couldn’t remember any quotes through history that spoke of having a best friend forever. I needed to fix this problem to assist my students.

I did a little study for these females and they finished their drawings. Now, I finally found a place to share the results of my search. I hope you like this little essay about bff sayings. If you want you can share this chronicle with your best acquintances also.

Many of my favorite best friend forever quotes I discovered arrived from ancient Greek writers and thinkers. Aristotle in particular had incredible insights on having friends. He wrote the awesome quote: “friendship is a solitary soul dwelling in two bodies.” Plato, his close friend and fellow disciple of Socrates provides another incredible quote: “friends have all things in common.” Another Greek philosopher who spoke on the subject matter of friendship was Euripides who said “one loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” If you had an aggravating family member as a child, you’re probably shaking your head in agreement right now!

Another amazing source of best friends forever sayings was American author Ralph Waldo Emerson. I can tell by his writings, that this dude understands intimate friendships. I’ll bet it was joyful knowing Emerson in years past. He wrote “A Friend might well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature” and “The only way to have a friend is to become one.” I discover amazing wisdom in the second quotation. We can talk about the topic of friendship all day but the only actual way to experience it is to in reality attempt to live it.

I value the advice of actress Marlene Dietrich also. She said: “It’s the friends you can ring up at 4 am that matter.” Isn’t that very true?! This quote summarizes having best friends forever nicely. I know that anyone can be a good acquaintance or a fair weather friend. I’ll concede that I have several good acquintances I like, but how many would I allow to ring me at four of the morning? I agree that it wouldn’t be very many! yet those are the varieties of friends we hunger for in our lives.

I hope you will find this article beneficial. Having best friends forever is a blessing. If you have a best friend you’ll understand why I researched these sayings. Bffs are genuinely awesome!

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