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Looking At the Gripping and Controversial Subject Matter Of Homosexual Fathers and Lesbian Moms November 24, 2011

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When I was growing up, I had a buddy named Jack. His dad Teddy, seemed a little more effeminate that the various dads. When I reached secondary school, people even made fun of Jack because of his father. We believed he was homosexual but knew better. After all, he was married and no one thought it was possible to possess a gay father.

however when Jack was in college, I found his parents had divorced. We all had our suspicions and sure enough, a few months later he had come out of the closet and was in a relationship with a guy. Jack suddenly possessed a homosexual dad and possessed no clue how to deal with it. His situation was even more burdensome since he lived in denial for numerous weeks. Now Jack has peace with his gay dad. He knows that his dad loves him and will never create issues. nonetheless there are moments he still thinks of the pain the divorce caused him and his mother.

Jack’s encounter isn’t atypical. Today in the usa there are countless families that possess a gay individual at the head. This can be homosexual dads or lesbian mothers. There are many ways that a home can possess a gay parent.

First homosexual parents come to pass because of divorce. In this case the mother or dad will have a natural kid but then later depart since they are really gay. In this manner the kid will possess a gay father or lesbian mom even though the kid was conceived through the regular way.

Second people can be gay parents by having a child the natural way but it happens outside of a traditional structure. perhaps one of the parents will go to a sperm bank or will let a woman carry his kid. This method is in demand because it makes sure that the kid will at least carry the genetics of one family member.

Third gay parents happen because of adoption. Gay dads or lesbian mothers may decide that with the big number of children without mothers and fathers the best thing to do is to adopt a kid. nonetheless not all states allow gay couples to adopt kids. Some countries also don’t allow their kids to be given to gay couples.

The issue of homosexual parents is controversial through the usa and various parts of the world. On one hand the conservatives argue that marriage is between one man and one girl and God made these morals. Thus a culture cannot change the will of God and allow gay fathers or lesbian mothers. These Christians believe it is impossible and the kids might become harmed.

On the different side are the liberals who think that it doesn’t matter what kinds of people have children. They are free to make their own choices. This group believes that the kids will not endure issues and if they do they won’t be worse than the kids of straight parents.

yet whatever your opinion might be 1 thing is major. Gay dads and lesbian mothers are becoming more widespread right now. I know that people are able to no longer ignore the issue

The author writes frequently on various topics such as the role of the gay dad and the lesbian mom in the world today.