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How Discovering Famous Sayings On Life Changed One Man’s Entire Life Totally January 10, 2012

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It was many years in the past when I was extremely depressed about life. I didn’t possess any good things to talk about. I was alone and I didn’t have a decent occupation. I was overweight and didn’t wear refined clothing. I merely stopped caring about life. I was very unfortunate and livid about my new situation. I seriously asked when I could fancy life again. I sincerely expected to be unfortunate for the remainder of my life.

Nonetheless my life altered radically when I turned thirty-three years old. I was searching in my grandma’s basement looking for a Holiday decoration. As I searched in her junk I found an old tome termed Famous Quotes About Life. I threw it to the floor with the rest of the rubbish. However there was something distinguished about this book so I began to read it.

I read throughout the tome that afternoon while sitting in the basement. I felt energy and enthusiasm for the first time in months. I discovered quotations by such famous figures as Abe Lincoln and Plato. I liked quotes by lesser known dudes such as C.S. Lewis and even females as Jane Austen. These famous dudes and females truly understood the joys and sorrows in life. yet they all agreed that a man should never stop loving life. A man can never give up and stop believing that life is worth living.

I sat and stared at that wall of the cellar for about ten moments. Then, I stood up and walked up the stairs to the restroom. I looked in the looking glass and started to cry. I couldn’t believe the guy I had become. I was fat and livid and possessed no occupation. I examined my dirty face and stopped my crying. Then I began laughing. I didn’t want to live as the person I’d known for 33 years. I desired to live as the dudes and women whose famous life quotes inspired me that morning.

I left the house of grandmother and ran to my house. I was sweating and breathing heavy but awfully excited. I took a bath and combed my hair. I quit my lousy career at Walmart. I cleaned my apartment and threw all of the unhealthy food in the bin. At the exact bit I made a vow that I was going to have a brand new life. I wasn’t going to live as a fat livid loser, but as a new person. I was going to be glad. I was going to have joy thanks to those famous quotes about life.

Since that day I have altered my life completely. I now am going to college. I have lost twenty kilos and now have numerous friends. I also possess a girlfriend who loves me quite much. We see each other each day and are engaged to be married. I can’t believe how wonderful my life has become. While I know that it isn’t because I discovered the tome of famous life quotes I conclude that those famous quotes about life inspired me to become a better man.

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Some notes on happiness November 1, 2007

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“Man must keep moving, searching, weighing, holding out his hand, offering himself, inventing himself.”

“A little happiness justifies the effort of a whole life.” 

The character Gyula from The Night Trilogy by Elie Wiesel.

I just finished reading The Night Trilogy by Elie Wiesel this morning.  In many ways, it is one of the toughest books that I have read in recent memory.  As mentioned in the title, the book is a trilogy, comprising three narrative stories based on actual events in the life of the author. 

Elie Wiesel

The first section deals with the Nazi extermination of the Jews through the means of the concentration camps, and how young Elisha goes through the very pits of hell with his Father, both having been moved from their home in Hungary to the concentration camps of Germany.  The second story is set in Zionist Jerusalem, where our hero is given the task of executing a prisoner of war, as the English likewise prepare to execute a compatriot of their own.  The final section deals with the hero being hit by a taxi in New York City, while on a date with the woman that he loves, Kathleen.

Sufficed to say, this book had some very intense moments- moments of disbelief in God, distrust intermingled with the love of humanity, and coming to terms with both life and death in their intertwined relationship with each other.

I believe the book to be summed up in the final pages as the hero lies broken in bed, talking to his artist friend Gyula who is painting his portrait.  When the portrait is completed, he looks into his own face and sees the ghosts of his family and friends who have passed before him- locked in his own soul- haunting him throughout his life.  It is a powerful image to be sure.

The above quotes certainly sum up a lot of concepts about happiness.  Everyone wants to be happy- Aristotle says that happiness is man’s end- it is the reason we exist.  I don’t think Christianity would have a difficult time with that statement either.  The difficulty, like the hero of the above trilogy, is pinning down happiness and holding on to it.  Life is a lot like a marble cake- an intermingling of suffering and joy.

It is possible to find joy in the midst of suffering though.  I believe that whole heatedly- like when you suffer for the love of another person- there is happiness in such suffering.

As I have heard it said recently from some very wise people- Happiness is something that ensues, it is not something pursued.

Think about that statement- I know I have.  I know that I have often been of the opinion that this thing, or that thing, or this honor, or amount of money or title or job is the thing that will finally make me happy.  Certainly there is pleasure in achieving those things, but happiness is more elusive than pleasure… it is something underlying the totality of our being.  It is hard to define too- it isn’t exactly a feeling, it is more a way of existing.

I am still trying to pin down that state of being in my own life- who isn’t?  I think the first of the two quotes above leads right into the second.  It is in growth that we find happyness. I am always fond of the saying, if you aren’t growing, you’re dying.

Think about trees- they never stop growing while they are alive- the second they do they are dead.  We are the same way.  We are in constant need of growth in our lives, and as painful as that may be, ultimately the acceptance of that growth is going to make us also grow into a state of happiness.

Don't Avoid Growth Laminated Poster

I heard it said once that acceptance is the key to happiness.  Accepting where we are, and accepting the fact that we can’t stay there, as much as we would like to.  We are either going to pursue the next pleasure, thus leaving the old one behind, or we are going to seek to improve ourselves, thus leaving our old selves behind.  That takes a certain amount of acceptance to achieve, acceptance that change is absolutely necessary- happiness may be impossible if we are comfortable. 

The final thought I have for happiness, and these are by no means exhaustive on the topic, is that we attempt progress and not perfection.  I think that is ultimately the point that I am trying to make here.  We are never done.  One of my own personal favorite statements is that perfection in this life equals progress.  We are designed to grow, just like trees.  Trees are perfect as long as they are growing, and so are we.

It is funny the trees down by where I am living- there are brick streets around here where the trees are planted, and the roots continue to grow and distort the bricks, which were probably laid perfectly together at the beginning.  Nothing can impede growth but death, and nothing can impede happiness like complacency.  We do have to constantly grow and change and hold out our hands and develop- it is in the development that happiness ensues- the knowledge that I am somehow better than I was yesterday, and that I am not done tomorrow.