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The Numerous Extraordinary Joys in Having Brothers And Sisters In One’s Life January 4, 2012

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I was raised with countless brothers and sisters. I possessed 10! However when I went to elementary school for the first time I was surprised to find that several of the different kids only possessed one or two siblings. I even discovered that many didn’t even possess 1 solitary brother or sister! I was awfully startled. Now that I’m older and have researched the subject matter I have realized that having a lot of brothers and sisters is very rare.

In the past the child mortality rate was very high. A person needed to have numerous children since large numbers of them would not survive through childhood. In addition, there was no welfare or other government welfare. When a person became aged and frail they needed their kids to care for them. That means if a man desired to have a good and stable life when they were older they needed to have numerous children.

Today people don’t need to have so many kids. Most kids and females survive throughout childbirth and government programs protect the aged. It is no shock that the average family size has decreased immensely. The result is not merely a lower population but smaller families also. This explains my surprise when I first went to elementary school.

I conclude that this decline in home size is a big issue for the u.s.. First we will not have enough people to replace the current population. This means that at some point the u.s. will need to bring in individuals from different cultures and we could lose an uniquely American society. Additionally if individuals don’t have enough children there will be no one to care for the aged when my generation ages.

There are various issues that come from not possessing many children too. It has to do with the health of the children themselves. I knew the joy that arrived from brothers and sisters in my life. We played together and worked together. When I got married I possessed instant best men. Not just that but when I had problems in my life I knew that countless family members were there to aid me in my annoyance.

My neighbor’s kid has no brother or sister. He is spoiled and has no social skills. He plays his video games all day and can’t even talk to various people. It is sad because he is a nice boy but he is unable to socialize with his acquintances because he wasn’t reared with a brother and a sister. His parents refuse to have other children and become angry when confronted with his poor social skills.

When I have children I have already decided to have many kids. I desire my children to have several brothers and sisters so that they are able to know the joy of siblings. I desire my kids to encounter the joy and fun that I experienced in a large family.

I feel confident that you liked my short thesis about the family. I feel confident that you have many brothers and sisters in your life that you adore and trust and are able to rely on.

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