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Motivational Speaking Topics


Need some humor or motivation for your next event or meeting?  Maybe, the members of your organization need a little pep!  Here are some of the exciting and fun presentations that I offer to motivate and inspire your group!  See more at www.totalpossibility.com ! 

Presentation Topics:

Time to Change the Oil
Oil is the life blood of any car, and if it is left unchanged, the gears will begin to grind, and the car will come to a screeching halt.  Our lives can get the same way too- we often need to have an “oil change,” a renewal of body mind and spirit so that our lives don’t “seize up,” and quit working.  This fun filled seminar shows the members of your organization how to “change their oil,” and become refreshed and renewed for greater productivity and efficiency.  Read more about this “oil change” here at my blog.

Poison Control: Toxic People in Lives
Everyone has that person in their lives that gives them trouble. Someone that is toxic to one person may be fine for another.  We are defined by our relationships both good and bad.  This presentation will help you to sort out the good from the bad, and live in a healthy way with both.
The Perfect Taco
Possibly the greatest food ever invented was the taco.  No matter where you get a taco, it is always a balance of meat, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and carbohydrates- it is natures perfect food because it is a balance of all the major food groups.  There isn’t too much or too little of anything: the taco is perfectly balanced.  Life should be like a taco- there should be a good mix of spiritual, intellectual, physical, professional, and social aspects to make a life balanced and complete.  This exciting seminar helps to demonstrate that life CAN be like the perfect taco with all the right elements in the right amount, for a life that is not only fulfilling, but tasty too!

The Snooze button
Man do I love my snooze button!  I can hit it for a whole hour, even though I know that I really need to get up and get my day started.  I think there are a lot of “snooze” buttons in my life: things I know I need to get started but don’t: Life’s “snooze” button: Procrastination.  This presentation will help you and the members of your organization to “get up and go” with the things they know they need to do in life but just haven’t gotten to yet, to make them more fullfilled and productive at home and at work.  Read more at my blog here!



1. Bonnie - December 22, 2007

I like your topic on ” Toxic People” .Although our involvement with one person may not be a good fit for us, it does not mean that this person is bad and unworthy of love.

Sometimes we have people in our lives for a short time to teach us things we need to learn and then then go, we can embrace the gift and the lesson.

Just because it is neccessary sometimes to part ways ,we can always remember the good times and wish others well in our hearts.

We are all learning and growing and we are to love one another, even if it is from a distance and without contact.

I have learned much more about the meaning of true love from the people who have treated me badly, honestly.

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