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Count Basie and His Orchestra October 2, 2007

Posted by rengawman in Humor with a point, Music.
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Last week I was touring around the Book Loft in German Village.  If you every have about 4 hours to burn somewhere I would recommend the Book Loft located on 3rd Street.  There is a great Cup’o’Joe right next to it as well.  It is seriously a labyrinth of books and music that has a much more down to earth and personal feel than those giant book sellers.  (Although I would wager it is easier not to get lost in a Barnes and Nobles.)  The Book Loft is comprised of over 30 rooms full of just about whatever subject you can think of in a great package of an old style German Village house. 

It is not only fun to try and find the book and subject you might be looking for, but even more fun to try and find your way out!  I solved this problem by leaving a trail of crumbs from my Schmidt’s cream puff. 

 On behalf of the owners of the Book Loft, they do not like it when you leave pieces of cream puff everywhere.  They get down right snippy if you ask me.

One of the nice things about every different room of this maze of books is that they often have different music from different genres playing in every room.  While I was looking through the old car books the other day, there was a small cd player belting out some of the best music I had ever heard.  It turns out it was Count Basie.  Yea I didn’t know who he was either. 

It didn’t matter- this dude- or should I say- this cat was one cool customer.  He had to be.  This was big band/jazz music at its best.  Lively yet soothing all at the same time.  This is the type of stuff that gets into your bones when it plays- the kind of stuff that has soul.

This music transports you to another, classier, time.  It is the kind of music you can play when you are trying to relax, trying to sleep, or trying to inspire you to get up and go.  When I listen to it I feel like putting on a Fedora and smoking a cigarette.

I often listen to big band music on XM radio, and I was even in a jazz band when I was in high school but I have never heard of Count Basie.  I would recommend that if you would like something new, and you are tired of hearing Kelly Clarkson or any of the other folks belting out of your radio and want something new, Count Basie is the man for you. 

I have to say the best part of this particular CD is that it only cost $3.99.  I couldn’t figure out why, then I realized he died in 1984, and I realized that he doesn’t need the money any more.  Timeless music at rock bottom prices… who can beat that?