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I am really happy to announce the publication of my first book, The Flabbergasted Philosopher Gets Motivated, which is for sale at this link.  This is sort of a “Best of Josh Wagner” book, sort of like a Beatles Anthology, but without the music… or the fan base… or Yoko Ono.  Don’t think she hasn’t tried to horn her way into my creativity with her “Plums floating in Perfume in a Man’s Hat.”  She is crafty alright.  I hope whoever buys a copy enjoys it. 

The Flabbergasted Philosopher Gets Motivated by Joshua Wagner (Book) in Self-Improvement 

The Resplendent Garment

Ignatian retreat

The first book will be called “The Resplendent Garment.”  This last summer I was able to go on a 30 day silent retreat in Morristown New Jersey, where I did the Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  I tell you what… 30 days sitting and listening to God will certainly give you a lot of insight into His great love for us, how and why he created us and the universe, as well as knowledge of the great world of groundhogs.  Yep… groundhogs. His name was Harvey.  Harvey the Groundhog.  I guess you will have to wait for the book to know exactly what I mean.  All I can say is what God said to me: “Be the Groundhog.”

 There was so many good and rich spiritual experiences in those 30 days that I knew one of the things I was supposed to do with my time was to write a book about those experiences.  The theme of the resplendent garment of God’s divine love kept coming up through the retreat, and so I intend to share that with people through writing a book about it.  I had started to write it shortly after the retreat, but I needed a few months to process all of the wonderful graces that God had given to me during that time.  I plan to start writing that shortly, within the next week.

 Title to be announced

The second book will be a collaboration between me and a friend and his miraculous journey through a life threatening illness.  My friend should have probably died, but somehow managed, with the love of God, his friends and family to become miraculously healed, changing not only his life, but the life of those around him. 

What Makes your Heart Burn?

Finally, I would like to do a compilation book where I interview people, get their stories about life and what motivates them in terms of all aspects of life- spiritually, intellectually, professionally, physically, and socially.  It will be a collection of vignettes similar to what my first book looks like, but integrating other people’s stories, in addition to some of my own.

This is where I need your help!  If you think that you have a story worth telling, or have had an event that changed your life or the lives of others, that you think would help other people, let me know through an email! (joshua.john.wagner@gmail.com)

Due to my short attention span (maybe I have ADHD, who knows) I will be working on all three simultaneously, a little bit every day.  I have a day by day approach to things, and I have a “vitamin” mentality.  That is, like vitamins, you take one pill a day, not a hand-full once a week.  You can really achieve any goal like this.  I read once that Jerry Seinfeld sits down and writes one joke a day- one joke!  Imagine the virtually endless amount of material that he has acquired over the years doing that.  I figure if I write 2 or 3 pages a day, I will have a book in draft form in a month or so.  But like all things, sometimes it is just tough to get started.



1. 3-dog nights - January 6, 2008


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