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A Few Tips About Penning Special and Romantic Love Messages For All People You Know November 6, 2011

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You have identified that unique person, or that boy or girl you want to become your date, boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe you have a few friends or family that you care for, and desire to transmit them brief and enjoyable love messages, or in the case of a person with whom you are romantically involved, romantic messages. Do you even know where to begin? Could you write love messages and romantic sms messages if you wanted to? Do you even know anything about the aforementioned subject, love messages for girlfriend?

Definitely, it is a good concept to compose some romantic sms to your loved ones, whether in text form or even on paper (do individuals still do that??). Why? Because people like getting love messages. They love constantly receiving a small note from those people they care about. A basic message from a loved one is able make someone’s day better. Also, a well-placed love message can help you to develop a relationship with somebody, simply because giving attention to people is an effective way to get on their radar. What follows are three ideas to think about when penning love messages.

1. Create Unique Messages

Stealing another person’s content is irritating to me. Don’t ever steal people’s love messages or take them from TV shows, popular songs, etc, so much. It is ok to use some somebody else’s stuff, such as a classic love poem or a buddy’s love note, but you want to throw in some of your original content. Using original material has two effects. First, it shows that you are bright. While no one likes a nerd, individuals do treasure brainpower. If you cannot come up with something original, it makes you look dumb. Secondly, individuals treasure your attention to them, and they treasure it more if they know it is truly from you, and not some goofy love quote you stole from somebody else.

Two. Keep Them Brief And Easy To Get

Individuals do not have a lot of time nowadays. It is a crying shame, but this is the truth. Most individuals are good at cramming a message into 100 or so characters, so we expect that the love messages or romantic sms we are sent to be to the point, even if they are for our boyfriend or girlfriend. So, whether you send a love message on your mobile phone by text or by sending an email or paper letter, you don’t want to write too much. For one, if you write a lot you can appear clingy and desperate. For example, if a guy sends a message that takes up 9 texts, it makes him look bizarre. What kind of fella has time to text a message that long? Well, my opinion is that it is someone that does not have much of a life. So, keep your romantic messages brief, basic, and concise. If you do it this way, you will also seem kind of mysterious, which means people will desire to try to get to know you better.

Three. Do Not Be A Creeper

You can appear a creeper by doing many different things. One way to clearly be a weirdo is by saying too much too fast. For example, you do not want to declare your love early on in a relationship. If you state “I love you” too much or too early, you will look needy and desperate. Play it cool and move your relationship and your love messages over time. You don’t want to look bizarre or like you need a relationship. Being needy, whether you are a gal or boy, isn’t attractive and is not going to allow you to keep a relationship. I suggest taking it easy.

As you can see, composing your very own love messages is easy, whether writing to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Even if you want to be romantic or simply, you can take sms writing into your very own hands!

The author recommends creating good messages if you want to be popular and attract that special someone.



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